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Meschede, Germany - October 2018

A piece of paper with a family tree scribbled on it and two business cards, was all I had to go off of.

Since my childhood, I longed to discover my family’s roots in a particular small town in Germany. Whenever Germany was mentioned in a conversation, I would ask about Meschede and not one person had ever heard of it.

Comprised of many elements, my epic journey included a desire to go treasure hunting for my history. Evidently when I set my sights on this “non-existent” town, the universe was ready to deliver.

The results were surreal.

Upon arriving, my hotel was thankfully literally across the street from the train station. Hauling nearly 100 lbs. of gear, you are thankful for these little gifts. The son-in-law of the owner greeted me at the hotel reception and had inquired why I was visiting Meschede. After revealing my purpose, he informed me that the establishment has been owned by four generations. Perhaps this was a good place to start.

Exhausted from "not" sleeping in the Amsterdam train station the night before, I stole a wee nap. Explored the darling town in the evening and ate a delicious hot meal of steak and potato, which was so needed. to be continued . . .

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