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A car, a camera and an open road is all Dailyn Matthews needs to make her heart sing.  

A stuntwoman by trade, she has chased this photography passion since she was eighteen.  

Her love of travel, sense of adventure and fearlessness allows her camera to capture what others might miss. 

She delights in sharing these unique moments.  

Being concerned for our planet and our society's raging disposable lifestyle, she takes her art one step further by re-purposing frames, giving them new life and saving them from the landfill. 

You'll find her traveling the world, discovering one of a kind images, meeting lifetime friends and collaborating with other talent.

Reach out below for inquires on Dailyn shooting your next ad campaign or potential ambassadorships.

Follow her blog for current stories of her adventures abroad or find her on Instagram.  

Let's go see the world together!

gallery showings

Atlanta School of Photography

Atlanta, GA

April 2018

Turner Homestead
Chatsworth, CA

July 2016

Cafe Carolina

Encino, CA

May 2017

Earth Day Festival

Topanga, CA

April 2015


✧ South Bay Men's Lacrosse Team

✧ Crescenta Valley Weekly

✧ Smile High Club

✧ Life Rolls On 

✧ Best Driver Jobs magazine

✧ Craig's Holiday Lights

✧ Huston Homes

✧ A Boy and His Dog

✧ Size Matters 

✧ Boat Love film

✧ McGinnis Meadows Ranch 


e - photographiechik@gmail.com

c - 818.416.2195

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